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28 November 2010 @ 12:11 am
Favorite Tom + Louis (his son) picture! As always, I couldn't pick just one, so more behind the cut! This one is probably actually my favorite though. LOOKIT THEIR FACES OMG.



As a day 5 bonus, have this quote:

Above that [the name of HIS AGENT tattooed on his chest] there’s a large dragon, an ode to his now ex-wife, Sarah Ward, who was born in the year of the dragon. “That’s what you call a mistake tattoo,” he laughs. He points out a couple of other places where her initials have been tattooed over, in one case by a large rock design. “I had the boulder pushed right over that one.”

Cut to:

In addition to the Madonna and child and the Union Jack, he is planning a large tattoo on his back: an angel-themed portrait based on a photograph he took of his fiancée, Charlotte Riley, which will float above a rendering of the London skyline.

TOM. HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING? I love how he goes from talking about how getting his ex-wife's initials tattooed on him was a mistake and continues with 'OH YES MY NEXT TATTOO? MY FIANCÉES FACE ON MY BACK'. HE IS RIDICULOUS. The full interview has even more amazing quotes, like 'I’m having a swim in Lake Me. A cool swim in Lake Tommy Hardy.' IDEK.

(lol I don't think I'm doing a very good job of making him seem appealing so far in this meme. It's because him being so very ridiculous is what I love about him! But he's also very smart, I promise. I WILL PROVE IT EVENTUALLY. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE.)
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24 November 2010 @ 10:18 am

After almost a year of no camwhore pictures of Tom Hardy on, he finally sent some in again!! IT IS SO EXCITING OMG.

“Still alive still sending you all lots of love xxxxx”Collapse )

He got the Union Jack tattooed on his chest. WHAT. THIS MAN. HE MIGHT FORGET HE'S FROM THE UK OTHERWISE. (Bawww it's right under his 'padre fiero' tattoo though, and that gives me feelings. MOAR LOUIS PICS, TOM HARDY.) And he still likes to pose with his shirt off! That is so comforting. His success hasn't changed him, you guys :') (lol I am typoing all over the place out of excitement.)

In other news, I'm going to Fia's place toniiiiight! We are going to drink wine and marathon JONAS season one and laugh at their acting. \o/

PS: if you want to see JGL be tiny (seriously, that other dude has to be VERY tall) and adorable, watch this. I love his voice kind of a lot. I also kept staring at his pecs in that shirt.
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23 November 2010 @ 06:26 pm
Before I start gushing about Tom Hardy (again), let me gush about Lady Gaga first, and about how I SAW HER LAST NIGHT and it was so, so good. My uncle got free tickets at work and he invited me AND whoever I wanted to bring and there were lots of misunderstandings but I went and it was incredible and this is a run-on sentence. Apparently some idiot on the radio this morning said she can't sing, and to that person I say: were you even there? Did you go get a drink during the piano part? Did the previous songs and the screaming make you temporarily deaf? Because she can definitely sing, goddamn.

So yes, that was really cool, I thanked my uncle so many times, ha.

How about that Tom Hardy guy? Day 4 is favorite candid picture, and let me tell you, he's been looking very pretty on the set of This Means War (with Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon), buuut it wasn't really a contest.

And the winner for favorite candid picture is...Collapse )

lol I keep looking at this post with a stupid smile on my face. He's so great!

(Now to get my printer to work. Why can't I just send my assignments through email, pft.)
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18 November 2010 @ 10:08 pm
So I changed #3 from least favorite movie to favorite tumblr, because I haven't seen all of his movies by far, and of the ones I've seen I don't have a least favorite, so. Idk what I was thinking with that category.

Favorite tumblr! This is really easy: This is my place x not my hair it is a palm xx.

Let me explain this tumblr (and how delightful Tom Hardy is in the process). Edward Thomas Hardy used to send personal pictures to his fansite With these pictures, he sometimes provided a little line of explanation, like "Trip to L.A", or "New tattoo x". At times, however, these lines were more absurd than explanatory, e.g. "I am co0kin turkey yo x", or "And this is me sittin on a duck in Queens x X O yeah baybee.. x".

And then there's this one:

"This is my place x not my hair it is a palm xx"

... as if someone would mistake the palm for a new haircut or something. Absurd. Absurd and delightful.

So this tumblr sprouted from that picture and quote, and has collected a truly baffling amount of Tom + palm pictures. You'll probably have to go back in the archive to find the really funny macros and pictures, but here's a collection of ONLY pictures he sent to that have a palm in the background (not even all of them!). He really likes palms.

And now for a picspam of my favorites!Collapse )

That was the magic of not my hair it is a palm xx. Don't worry, he's not only this ridiculous camwhore type person. He's also smart! IT WILL ALL BECOME CLEAR. Until tomorrow!
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18 November 2010 @ 12:20 am
DAY TWO. Favorite movie! I wish I could say anything other than Inception so I'd look a little cooler, but I'd be lying. (Also I haven't seen all of his other movies BY FAR. RocknRolla is awesome too though. COULD BE BECAUSE HANDSOME BOB IS JUST HOW I LIKE MY THARD THOUGH, SEE PREVIOUS POST.) Inception is just really cool, yo. It's my main (only) fic-reading fandom right now, and even though I'm past the height of my obsession, I'm still so in love with it all.

Not sure what else to say! I'm sure that everyone who had any interest in seeing it has by now, and the rest don't want to, so I'll just leave you an Inception gifspam (credit to various Inception tumblrs) behind the cut.


Jesus Christ I am way too tired and I'm going to look back on this post tomorrow and judge now!me. TOO BAD.

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16 November 2010 @ 10:09 pm
So agirlnamedfia pressured me into doing a 30 days meme, because she's nice like that, buuut I didn't want to do the QAF one, and all the Inception ones were stupid, so here's a Tom Hardy one (kind of loosely) based on a Nick J one backinblack did (and Fia stole from her LJ for me).

(Holy run-on sentence.)

Here's the list:

1) Favorite picture
2) Favorite movie
3) Least favorite movie Favorite tumblr!
4) Favorite candid picture
5) Favorite Tom Hardy + his son picture
6) Favorite movie quote
7) Favorite picture with someone else
8) Favorite Myspace blog
9) Favorite character
10) Least favorite character
11-30 behind the cut.Collapse )

So yes, favorite picture! This was very hard, but I have come to a decision.

Is the suspense killing you?Collapse )

HOT DAMN. I'm not sure why this is my favorite. It's just a combination of all my favorites, I guess? Stubble, buzz cut, lips, fingers, shoulders, his straight nose (don't question it), and he's kinda freckly AND I WANT HIM TO BE MINE.

So that was day one. Feel free to steal this list and do it yourself! The more Tom on my flist, the better, imo.
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28 May 2010 @ 01:45 pm
HAAAY FLIST. Long time no see eh? Exams and stuff but LET ME GET TO THE POINT OF THIS POST, namely:

I AM GOING TO SEE NICK JONAS IN LES MISÉRABLES. I saw the CUF post about him doing theater in London, and was like "orly? Well, he's gonna need voice training then." And then agirlnamedfia was all "WHAT ARE YOU DOING THE END OF JUNE?" and I was confused, and THEN, dear flist, THEN I remembered "oh hey, London's only four hours away, I COULD TOTALLY MOCK HIM IN PERSON!"

And now we're looking at hostels and we have a date set. WE ARE SEEING HIM ON THE 24TH, WOOO! Joe better be there, just sayin'.

I wonder what his face will look like the first time someone tells him 'uhm. That's not how you're supposed to sing.'

(ILU, Nick, really.)
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11 March 2010 @ 07:08 pm
It's been way too long since my last amazing banner post.Collapse )

It's just... SO beautiful. The colors, the font, the pictures, it all works. Fic here. I have no doubt that it's a literary masterpiece.


DO ITTTT. Someone NEEDS to write Asha's incredible prompt. It's JBBB material, even! And every single Demi, Miley, Joe, Veronicas, Nick, DHen, etc prompt should be filled too. GO GO WRITERS GO GO.

(PS: Asha, I was at school, without MSN! TALK SOON.)

And now. I eat pudding. Way too hot pudding that'll give me a stomachache but is TOO GOOD TO RESIST.
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04 March 2010 @ 03:26 pm
Let's do the music meme! I'm not in the mood to find the rules, but you have to put iTunes on shuffle and write down the first 25 songs it plays, SHAMEFUL OR NOT. (Spoiler: mine will be shameful. Probably.)

This list makes me look pretty schizophrenic.Collapse )

Well, this could've been way more embarrassing. HOW ARE YOUR DAYS GOING? I had to get my picture taken for my new ID (because the last one was stolen, along with my bag), and I got to skip class because of it, ha! VICTORY IS MINE. Anyway, the picture came out pretty bad, so I guess it's only a semi-victory. IDRC about my ID though, so it's all good. Also ran into my cousin, pretty random. Then I got home and watched (or FF'd through) Moulin Rouge, because I have to write a review about it.

I dare you to top all that excitement.
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25 February 2010 @ 04:58 pm
The whale that killed a trainer at Seaworld? I had lunch next to it. (And even have pictures of it.) It was this stupidly touristy 'Dine with Shamu!' type thing (not my idea), where they show you how they communicate with the orcas, and they make one (Tillikum) do a couple tricks. Ugh, so creepy. This whale has killed two people, why the hell do they keep him around? Actually, I don't get why people feel the need to train animals like these. Or tigers and lions, and any other animal that constantly WANTS TO EAT YOU. Sure, it's amazing to look at, and I definitely enjoyed the orca show, but it's still playing with your life every single day. Some animals are just not meant to be kept as a pet in a small pool.

Are they gonna put him down now? It's kinda sad, killing an animal for following his instincts.