What you just experienced there?

Scottish vacuum of charm.

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Hi guys! For an introduction post, go here.

I still love Jared/Jensen, though I mostly just read fic by writers who I know are awesome.

Uuuuuhm, what else? The Jonas Brothers! Even though my love for them is sort of waning. I should really update that introduction post. A fandom has come and gone already!

Also: NEIL PATRICK HARRIS IS MY FAVOURITE FOREVER AND EVER. I've recently started watching How I Met Your Mother, and now I'm head over heels in love with him. It's kind of sad. And I really want this shirt.

Most recent development: INCEPTION. BRRRRMMMMMMMMM Also, Tom Hardy. He is the best person alive.

MOSTEST recent: X Factor UK. SIGH. There are pretty boys willing to be slashed, I can't help it. Aiden/Matt forever. There is a BALLAD about them. That Matt sang himself. You just can't make that up.


GUYS. THIS WAS SUCH A PROUD MOMENT LET ME TELL YOU. It's in reference to this moment, when Matt had just won the X Factor, and everyone came running on stage but he just wanted to hug his boyfriend Aiden, and accidentally punched his mentor Dannii Minogue in the face in the process. IT HAPPENS. (Dannii went on to say 'hey, it's the love of Maiden, you can't mess with that' or something. THIS SHIP OKAY. BEST EVER AND EVERYONE AROUND THEM ACKNOWLEDGES IT.)

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